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Pedestal Type

Consists of Main and Sub H-beams, Hae Kwang’s customized “Pedestal Type”
understructure can provide large subfloor space and uniform loading capacity of
more than 1,000 kgf/m2 for cleanrooms without a separate return plenum.

1. Range of distance between each post: 600~3,600 mm (23.62~141.73 inch)
2. Finished Floor Height (FFH): 250~3,000 mm (9.84~118.11 inch)
3. Height adjustable within ±25 mm range

Flat Pad Type

Typically installed on a concrete waffle structure,Hae Kwang’s customized “Flat Pad Type” understructuresallows for the faster installation of a Raised Access FloorSystem in cleanrooms with a high loading requirement.A typical “Flat Pad Type” understructure consists of afour-bolt–type base plate, sub H-beam, and metal flat pads.

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